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We help the most vulnerable orphan girls and the poorest children in Kenya by providing a loving home, education and rehabilitation programmes.  


We ensure that every penny raised from donations and sponsors is spent on the care and development of children.





How can you help?

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Sponsor a child or help with their education

Help us to save more lives by sponsoring one of the children. See her recover from a tragic start and develop into a happy and confident teenager with a bright future.  Or contribute towards an education grant that will provide a child with a route out of poverty and the skills to get a job.


Support our feeding programmes

Most Kenyans live on less than £1 a day.  With high unemployment and rising food costs, many struggle to survive.  We seek out the poorest children in slum villages and provide daily food and clothing.  Could you help us to fund these programmes?  £10 will provide food for 50 children.

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Volunteer your time

Would you like to work with the girls in our home or help the poorest children as part of our outreach programmes?  We also need enthusiastic volunteers in the UK and elsewhere to help raise awareness and organise fund raising activities. How about taking part in a marathon or a cycle challenge?

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Sample alt tag Alice

"Alice was our first rescued child. Her mother died when she was eight. She was then abused, starved and exploited by relatives. After a long slow recovery and extra school tuition she has left the home and is a successful hairdresser"

Sample alt tag Salome

"Salome and her 3 younger sisters arrived in 2009 in a terrible state, after their single mother died, when she was 11. Her health recovered and she worked hard to catch up on missed school years. In 2013, she won a scholarship to the top girls school in Kenya"

Sample alt tag Jerusha

"Her father was murdered when Jerusha was 5 years old. Her mother died a few weeks later. We rescued her in 2000 in a sorry state. She recovered, studied hard and gained in confidence. She is now at Kenya University Law School studying to be a Human Rights lawyer"

Sample alt tag Patricia

"Patricia was just 4 and living in the Kiandutu slums when her single mother died. She moved in with her alcoholic grandmother and was treated badly. We rescued, nursed and counselled her until she recovered. She is now a carer at an orphanage in Nairobi"

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We have just rescued six more orphan girls.     Would you like to sponsor one of them?