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We help the most vulnerable and poorest children in Kenya by providing a loving home, education and rehabilitation programmes.  


We ensure that every penny raised from donations and sponsors is spent on care and development of children.




KCC at home


Rescued from Fear and Neglect

Children arrive at our home frightened, neglected and malnourished. They are given a shower, new clothes, a thorough medical check, prescribed appropriate treatment and put on a controlled diet. Within a few weeks they are on the road to recovery.

Education and Mentoring

The children attend local schools, which encourages them to socialise in the community and ensures the most appropriate education for each child. If they have missed out previously on school, they receive extra tuition at home to help them catch up.

After missing out on years of parental care, a mentor is on hand to help them deal with their traumatic experiences and develop their social skills. The house mothers and social workers help them to feel part of the family.

Life Skills are important too

They learn how to look after each other and take care of their home. They look after the vegetable garden and our cows, goats, rabbits and chickens.

Hand up rather than Handout

We aim to make the home self-sufficient and less dependent on charitable donations.  We grow maize and vegetables, produce eggs and milk, and draw all our water from our bore holes.

Reintegration is the Goal

We believe that children should not spend all their childhood in isolation from society .  We want every child to live in safety and with dignity within a loving family.  If any children need to spend a period in the safety of our residential home, we aim to re-integrate them with their relatives as soon as circumstances have improved.  We continue to support the children to ensure their safety and to help them reach their full potential and build a positive future, growing into happy, healthy and confident adults.