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We help the most vulnerable and poorest children in Kenya by providing a loving home, education and rehabilitation programmes.  


We ensure that every penny raised from donations and sponsors is spent on care and development of children.



KCC at Home and in the Community



We are changing the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Kenya  

Giving hope to shattered lives


Ngoingwa Home

Our residential children’s home at Ngoingwa is 30 km north of Nairobi.  It has accommodation for 60 girls in four family units with 15 girls and their house mother.


Education Projects

Education is the route out of poverty for young people. We reach beyond our centres and give grants to deprived children in poor communities so they can attend school, vocational training or University.  

Community Care

When a child has recovered in our residential care, she is carefully re-united with a capable relative or a safe family.  They get a second chance of a normal life.  Our social workers continue to support the children in the community.


Feeding Centres

We have day centres in three slums at Madharau, Umoja and Kivulini. We provide day care, meals, health checks, clothing and nursery education for 200 children and old folk as well as support for their families.