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Ray Ban Prescription Eyeglasses NBA Finals Game 2, Cheap Ray Ban Prescription Glasses the Heat 98-96 on the road to beat Ray Ban Wayfarer Prescription Sunglasses the Spurs, so these round total score to tie the series. The field continued to serve as the Heat's starting power forward Rashard - Lewis doing well, 9 voted 5, 7 from 3-pointers and scored 14 points. Finals first game, Spurs insider "Twin Towers" show a strong dominance. But even so, the field Ray Ban Wayfarer Prescription is still discharged Heat Bosh + Lewis inside starter. That game, Lewis 4 of 10 shots to get 10 points, in terms of other data without any contribution, but his main task is to share Bosh's defensive pressure Ray Ban Sunglasses Prescription.

Prescription Glasses Ray Ban The beginning of the game, Lewis on the offensive end was very positive, Prescription Glasses Ray Ban one up on Spurs guard Danny made the score - Green's foul Ray Ban Prescription Eyeglasses and 2 penalty 1. The first section 7 minute when left to Lewis broke out, he first received assists Chalmers layup, followed by another on the outside hit a record third individual scored 5 points. In addition to outside attack, Lewis also has highlights in passing. Less than five minutes left in the first when he completed a record to break assists, James dunks Ray Ban Wayfarer Prescription Sunglasses.

Ray Ban Clubmaster Prescription Eastern Conference finals, Ray Ban Clubmaster Prescription successfully entered the starting lineup Lewis has demonstrated a precise perimeter archery. But in this game, his performance on the offensive end of the significantly more diverse. After a section of silence, Lewis again Ray Ban Sunglasses Prescription in the second half beginning of "fire." His first in a low-back singles in the process hit a turnaround jumper, then he received assists Wade dropped into third, making the Heat to 54-52 lead. At this point, Lewis Prescription Ray Bans Sunglasses has been 11 points. In fact, he was in a very long period of time is the Second Heat scorer, behind James. "Rashard - Lewis in the field are doing a lot of things, very few people, including myself, would think he still can do" with the Miami Heat team reporter Ethan - test Nick Adams wrote on Twitter. Shortly after the beginning of the fourth quarter, feel good again outside Lewis angry, hit a record third to break the deadlock, making the Heat to 83-80 lead, they are hard to win the final game on the road Ray Ban Prescription Eyeglasses.

Ray Ban Glasses Prescription From the point of view the whole game, Lewis often always in each section (except Ray Ban Glasses Prescription Section beyond) by scoring the opening stages of laying a tone for Miami's offense, but also significantly strengthened a lot of aggressiveness. According to data after the game: When Lewis on the court, the Heat can win by Spurs eight points behind in the starting five of LeBron +11 points. Lewis as a role player, since the success of the Eastern Conference finals since entering the Prescription Ray Ban Prescription Glasses Online Ray Ban Glasses starting lineup, he with a steady outside shooting and "intangible factors" gradually firmly secured this position. Especially in the Heat's "Space rhythm" style of play, he will continue to play an important role Ray Ban Sunglasses Prescription.

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